Mayo Clinic v. United States

  1. November 02, 2023

    Mayo Clinic Asks 8th Circ. To Uphold $11.5M Tax Refund

    The Eighth Circuit should uphold an $11.5 million tax refund for the Mayo Clinic because its principal purpose is medical education, however intertwined that purpose is with patient care, Mayo argued Thursday, saying the federal government mistakenly insists the two are separate.

  2. September 05, 2023

    Mayo Clinic's $11.5M Refund Should Get Nixed, 8th Circ. Told

    The Eighth Circuit should revoke an $11.5 million tax refund for the Mayo Clinic because it runs a major operation providing health care to patients, disqualifying it from a tax exemption for unrelated business income meant for educational institutions, the government told a Minnesota federal court.

  3. July 06, 2023

    Federal Tax Cases To Watch In 2nd Half Of 2023

    In the second half of 2023, tax pros will be watching a U.S. Supreme Court challenge to the repatriation tax enacted in the 2017 federal tax overhaul and a dispute between the government and multinational telecommunications company Liberty Global Inc. in a Colorado federal court. Here, Law360 highlights those and other notable pending federal tax cases to watch for the rest of the year.